Bring A Team With You For Discounts

The Shiner Starplex is offering you discounts for every additional team you bring with you. For every team you bring we will knock $100 off your entry fee. Bringing two additional teams? Your tourney entry fee is free. Bringing three? You make $100!

Skills Challenges
Shiner Starplex will hold skills challenges for teams and players this season. Challenges will include:
HR Derby
Around the Horn
Inside the Park HR
Individual trophies will be given to the winners!
The Shiner Starplex will be hosting tournaments all Spring and Summer. Tournament fee will be $200 and each team will pay one umpire $30($40 for 13u and 14u games) at the plate before each game. Trophies and medals will be given to 1st and 2nd place teams. All teams must be registered with USSSA.
Online sign-up is avaiable at
For more information please contact:
 Trevor Hybner         or            Roo Grubb
   361-772-0404                       406-871-6405
     Registered Teams
               February 7-8                       February 14-15
               13u                                       10u
              Shiner Brewers                     Shiner Brewers
              Boerne Bucks                       NB Bullets
              South Texas Horns                LaVernia Dirtbags
                                                        South Texas Outlaws
               February 21-22                   Shiner Brewers
              Shiner Brewers                     14u
                                                        Shiner Brewers
               Shiner Brewers
              Guntown Boyz                     March 7-8
              Ganado Warriors                  9u
                                                       Shiner Brewers
                                                       Shiner Brewers
                                                       Guntown Boyz
                                                       Ganado Warriors
                                                           Shiner Brewers
Starplex managed by
Mark Hybner Management
Mark Hybner
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